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Political facts aren’t always pleasing to the ear, but here at Gorilla, we felt we could at least make them pleasing to the eye. We have illustrated a series of revealing stats about the UK Government. These inconvenient truths contradict what most UK tabloids would have you believe. We have included the full resolution designs which are free for anyone to use in the hope that people will share them around.

Special thanks to Big Dave and his crew for agreeing to hold our posters- people say a lot of terrible terrible things about you but you’re good sports!

David Cameron, UK government stat

1_ David Cameron illustrates how tax avoidance costs the UK economy £119 billion more than Benefit fraud

In Green: The amount of tax avoided, unpaid & evaded in the UK (120 billion)
In White: The amount of money lost due to benefit fraud in the UK (1.2 billion).

Boris Johnson, UK government stat

2_ Boris Johnson illustrates how immigrants to the UK are less likely to claim benefits than UK natives

In Green: The percentage number of UK natives likely to claim benefits is 37.2{44cca7f4264e26d874f0729c4a6201195eadd2d9005d407f79af304836415e4e}
In White: The percentage number of of European immigrants likely to claim benefits is 29.4{44cca7f4264e26d874f0729c4a6201195eadd2d9005d407f79af304836415e4e}

George Osborne, UK government stat

3_ George Osborne illustrates how the UK government sold the Royal Bank of Scotland for two thirds of it’s value losing 1 billion of tax payers money

In green: The UK government buying RBS shares in 2008 for 3.1 billion,
In white: The UK government sells RBS shares in 2015, being 2.1 billion.

Jeremy Hunt, UK government stat

4_ Jeremy Hunt illustrates how migration is vital to the UK economy

In Green: The UK’s debt without net migration (187{44cca7f4264e26d874f0729c4a6201195eadd2d9005d407f79af304836415e4e})
In White: The UK’s debt with net migration (74{44cca7f4264e26d874f0729c4a6201195eadd2d9005d407f79af304836415e4e})
(figures as percentages of GDP.)

Teresa May, UK government stat

5_ Teresa May illustrates how much the average person thinks is spent on unemployment benefits versus the reality

In Green: The percent of the welfare budget the average person thinks goes to benefits for the unemployed 41{44cca7f4264e26d874f0729c4a6201195eadd2d9005d407f79af304836415e4e}
In White: The percent of the welfare budget that actually goes to benefits for the unemployed 3{44cca7f4264e26d874f0729c4a6201195eadd2d9005d407f79af304836415e4e}

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Feel free to print, share & enjoy these posters however you wish
(Illustrations by Matt Varker, Gorilla)