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In our private 1 day Brand Strategy Workshops

We answer all the big questions about your brand in one hit.

In our private 1 day Brand Strategy Workshops

We answer all the big questions about your brand in one hit.

Any design agency can make you pretty,
Gorilla make you matter.

In our 1 day Brandstorm workshop we’ll discover…

Your Purpose

If you don’t know why you exist then why should your customers care? We start by discovering why you really do what you do (and we don’t mean chasing the dollar)

Your Onlyness

The world is cluttered with tame, ‘play it safe’ brands. Customers just don’t know which to choose- the answer is to Stay Wild. We’ll define what makes you one-of-a-kind and boil it down into a simple statement. We build your brand around your onlyness making it incredibly easy for customers to notice you and choose you.

Your Core Values

What does your company really stand for? We’ll determine your brand commandments, several key principles that you live for. They’ll guide your brand, shape your people and inspire your customers.

Your Vision

What does the future look like? We put your vision to paper, weedle out its flaws, then reinforce it to withstand the business battleground. The result is a vivid picture of mission success that you and your team can work towards.

Your Personality

How do you speak your customer’s language? We define a set of human characteristics which align with your brand, these set the right tone for all your verbal communications.

Your Enemy

When you try to please everyone you end up pleasing no one. At Gorilla we say stand up and pick a fight. The enemy could be a competitor, a perception, or simply the old way of doing things. When you tell people what you really DON’T believe in you throw your brand into sharp relief- you become a rebel with a cause, in a world full of sheep.

& Your War Cry!

This can be one of the most challenging exercises for any brand. How do you boil down your purpose, beliefs, personality and onlyness into a simple, emotionally charged tagline that will resonate with your customers?
With mighty Gorilla by your side, that’s how! In our extended workshop, we use our new found insight to craft a perfect shining statement that you’ll be proud to scream from the rooftops.

Shadia from Cuzena foods said:

“I really enjoyed the workshop. It feels cathartic to finally encompass Cuzena’s true identity with a definitive structure. Your ability to pull what’s in our minds and give it a life is amazing. So glad we decided to take part, I don’t believe we could have gotten there without your input, you add so much value it’s crazy!”

Interested in a workshop? Talk to Gorilla.

The lowdown

Who is it for?

For teams and individuals who want to kickstart a new venture or bring a shot of clarity to an established brand.

What do I get?

A shareable Brand manifesto packed with precious insight including:

  • Your core brand values
  • Your purpose statement
  • Your onlyness
  • A shared vision of your future
  • An enemy worth fighting
  • Your brand personality profile
  • Your company war cry!

How does it work?

It’s a private 1-day workshop.

  • Working one to one with Gorilla’s Leadership
  • Held in Manchester at Gorilla HQ (or at your place if you prefer)
  • Each workshop is 100{44cca7f4264e26d874f0729c4a6201195eadd2d9005d407f79af304836415e4e} bespoke to your business.
  • Supplies, Materials & a tasty lunch are included!