A Unique & Super flexible logomark.

Inspired by the periodic table, this clever little mark can adapt to any environment.

Make your mark.

Part of the wider visual language of the Coffee Lab- these stamps are designed to complement the primary logo.

The whole package.

Beautiful & functional- new packages can be produced on demand, quickly and economically.

We mean business.

Coffee Lab’s business cards are clean & professional- they take influence from vintage lab reports.

Science & Art.

A minimalist mug paired with a tiny scientific milk beaker.

First impressions count.

Coffee Lab always makes a good first impression with these beautiful letterheads.
Stark grid based designs on the front contrast with Columbian coffee fields on the back.

Loyalty will be rewarded.

The Lab Pass.

Coffee Lab loves you back.

Some like it hot.

No lab coats here.

Staff uniforms are functional yet fashionable.

Something cooler.

For those who like an ice coffee on the go- accented with Coffee Lab’s trademark copper straws.

Show them who’s boss.

Manager uniforms are more understated with an embroidered logo.

Luxury without the price tag.

Envelopes & other promotional material can be pressed with a custom embossing stamp
to achieve a super high end finish at a low cost.

Bag it up.

A simple, understated walking advert for Coffee Lab .

Coffee Lab is born.

A unique brand package inspired by science & nature.