Phil from Director’s cut told Gorilla:

“I’m opening a brewery in a 1940’s picture house and I’d like our brand to honour the golden age of cinema.”

Challenging the status quo.

We love craft beer but it seems that ‘craft’ has become a byword for cluttered design.
The ‘punk’ aesthetic in beer brands has been done to death.

How we broke the rules of the craft beer market.

It was clear that we needed to break the rules and bring a breath of minimalist fresh air to a crowded market. Inspired by his picture house HQ, we worked with Phil to select the craftiest archetypes Hollywood has to offer. Then we matched them to the unique character of each beer and crafted beautifully simple cinema marquee inspired designs. In shelves packed with noisy, look-a-like labels, the clean cans of Director’s Cut stand out a mile off.

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Phil McDermott
Founder & Head Brewer

“We now have a fantastic brand that does our beer justice. Sales have rocketed and we’ve just secured listings with a major supermarket, we could not have achieved this without Gorilla.”

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