Lorna from Tipi told Gorilla:

“I run a successful marketing research company but we designed our identity in a hurry- now I really want a brand image that I can be proud of”

How we broke the rules of market research.

As the name Tipi suggests, Lorna takes a different approach to market research. She firmly believes that standard methods fail to capture what people truly feel- and her ideas are backed up by cognitive research.
We knew that we needed to create a brand identity that both honoured the Tipi name and their extraordinary approach to marketing.
We immersed ourselves in all of the Native American art that we could get our hands on to build a playful and emotive identity. We repositioned Tipi as ‘Seekers of Wisdom’ and matched the unique aspects of her company to the characteristics of 3 woodland critters illustrations- These stack to form Tipi’s very own totem pole. The resulting identity is instantly memorable and reminds customers that, in Tipi’s world, things are done a little differently.

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“The new logo mark combines a smoking Tipi with a subtle speech bubble as a nod to Tipi’s focus group activities”

Lorna from Tipi

“Response to the new branding has been resoundingly positive. I think my favourite feedback was when a client said ‘it would work well for young and hip companies, but might be too out there for her CEO’ in my view, if something’s too out there for a grey suit then that’s a great place to be, and exactly what I want for my brand!”

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