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So you have an innovative product, an eye-catching logo and a memorable brand. But successful packaging design needs more than just that.
If you are new to packaging it’s easy to overlook vital aspects of the design process, so we’ve listed five common mistakes to help you avoid them!

Packaging design mistakes

1. Your packaging design needs to be relevant

Packaging design which isn’t relevant to your product: While it’s good to stand out and have a point of difference over your competitors, you don’t want to confuse customers about what it is that you’re selling. People have certain expectations when it comes to particular types of packaging and as well as being confusing, in some cases it could even be dangerous. For example, cleaning product Fabuloso has been criticised for looking like a soft drink.

2. Your Packaging design needs to be easy to use

The aesthetics of your packaging design are obviously very important- it could be the first impression a consumer has of you as a brand but always remember it’s your product they want to get to. Make it easy for them. Packaging which is difficult to open will only frustrate a customer and make them less likely to return to your brand. Changes like adding perforated openings to blisters are a simple and effective solution.

3. Protoype and Prototype again

There’s a saying that goes “A design isn’t finished until someone is using it”. It’s all very well designing ‘clever’ packaging, but if it isn’t fit for purpose eventually it will fail. The cutterguide – a flattened outline of the cuts and fold lines of a package – must be comprehensive and exact. You should test it to see whether it works and that it’s strong and durable enough to hold and protect your product before sending it to the printers.

4. Your Packaging needs to be shop ready

Not considering retailers: If you want your product to be stocked in a particular shop, it’s always worth speaking to the retailer to find out whether they have any specific packaging design requirements. You might think yours is the most beautifully designed piece of packaging in the world – and it may well be – but if you’re not prepared to be flexible and make adjustments to ensure that a retailer will stock your product, you’re going to lose out on sales.

5. Packing design Final checks

Simple things such as forgetting to embed images or outline type are some of the most frequent mistakes made in the design process. They’re among the most easily avoidable. Make sure you always double-check everything before you send it to the printers- especially for typos, and ‘bleed lines’- A reprint is a very costly disaster that you will certainly want to avoid.

To summarise, your packaging design needs to be practical, appealing to retailers, suited to the product you’re selling and consistent with the rest of your branding – as well as having to stand out in the marketplace. Check out this perfect packaging article for more design tips.

For help with how to create the perfect packaging for your product, you can get in touch with us here.