Jamie told Gorilla:

“The UK loves a steak but beef is high in fat, I want to pair exotic steaks with delicious sauces and give people a leaner, protein-packed alternative”

Challenging the status quo.

The UK supermarket meat aisle is almost without exception one giant pastiche to ‘ye old English butchers’. It’s jam packed with vintage letterpress typefaces and hand-drawn illustrations. The Kangaroo and Crocodile fillets that Heaven’s Steak have to offer are far from traditional in the UK- so we decided to buck the trend and serve up something deliciously modern.

How we broke the rules of the Meat Aisle.

First of all, we reinvented the logo, the original mark was overly-complex and clumsy. The new mark is heavily simplified making it infinitely more flexible for print and online. We then set about stripping the packaging to its bare bones, this minimalist approach is a striking contrast to the cluttered competition. To make Heaven’s Steak completely unmissable we incorporated colourful animal hides into the designs- something no other meat brand dares to do. To ensure that this wouldn’t cheapen the look of the package the ‘fur’ was carefully counter-balanced with crisp typography. The result is a minimalist breath of fresh air on a noisy supermarket shelf. It’s considered design builds trust in customers who might otherwise be too timid to sample the curious delights of exotic steak.

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