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Unexpected, witty & beautiful packaging that flies off the shelves.

It’s tough out there in the retail jungle, your product will go head to head with rival brands on a daily basis- Luckily we’re here to help you win the battle of the brands. We use unexpected design to tell your story in a compelling and original way. We don’t want customers to ‘like’ your products, we want them fall in love.

Packaging Expertise

Brandstorm Strategy Workshop

Strategy powers our creativity, so before we make you look pretty, we need to work out what makes you matter. In our intensive Brandstorm Workshop, we tackle all the big questions about your brand in one hit. It’s tailor-made for teams and individuals who want to kickstart a new venture or bring a shot of clarity to an established brand.

Packaging Design

Packaging is your brand’s very best chance to influence a customer to buy your product. In a busy shopping environment you will go head to head with rival brands and have but a few seconds to make a connection. Jargon and ‘scientific’ claims can only get you so far, to win the battle of the brands you need to aim for the customers hearts- not just their heads.

Our team are experts at creating packaging solutions which hit the sweet spot between luxury and affordability. We work with you to tell your brand’s story in a compelling and original way. We don’t want customers to ‘like’ your products, we want them to fall in love.

Label Design

Sometimes when launching a new product you are constrained to work with stock boxes, bags or predefined container. This is often true for smaller challenger brands. Far from being an obstacle we see this as an economical and highly effective way to package your product. With ingenious design we can utilise, labels, badges and hang tags to beautify and add value to your brand without breaking the bank.

Brand Naming / Product Naming

The right name is your brand’s most valuable asset, instantly differentiating you from the competition and driving awareness. Whether you are a challenger or an established brand we can work with you to find the perfect name. We ensure that your new title is distinctive, short, easily spellable, satisfying to pronounce, and extensible- Combine this with beautiful visual treatment and a memorable new brand icon is born.

Brand Identity Design

Your logo design often forms the centre piece of your packaging. Every successful brand needs a striking and original mark which sets it apart for the competition. Our expert designers work with you to ensure your new branding stands the test of time. To guarantee success we ensure every design we produce is Simple, Unique, Appropriate, Flexible and timeless.

Don’t See What You Need?

Gorilla is a multi-talented beast, if it’s packaging based then our expert team will be able to help, simply get in touch.

Fresh Packaging Projects