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Something you can really feel.

That doesn’t disappear at the click of a mouse.

Deliver something tangible and enduring into the hands of your customers.

Print Design

Brandstorm Strategy Workshop

Strategy powers our creativity, so before we make you look pretty, we need to work out what makes you matter. In our intensive Brandstorm Workshop, we tackle all the big questions about your brand in one hit. It’s tailor-made for teams and individuals who want to kickstart a new venture or bring a shot of clarity to an established brand.

Stationery Design

Every time a customer comes into contact with your brand they are forming new opinions of your business. The world’s biggest brands know the importance of presenting a consistently professional and familiar face. While the internet has permanently altered the way companies work a tactile and thoughtfully designed piece of stationery can hold a customer’s attention- It shows them that you understand the importance of small details and it doesn’t instantly disappear into the web.


Illustration makes the complex simple & brings your products to life.
When you have a complex or abstract idea to communicate sometimes a photograph just won’t cut it, this is when Illustration really comes into it’s own. Our creative team can help you use illustration to engage customers and create a truly unique tone of voice for your brand.

Brochure Design & Book Design

In a digital age where messages disappear in the click of a mouse there is huge tangible value in being able to give customers something ‘real’ to take away with them. Our team help you create beautiful brochures which inform, excite and provide a memorable keepsake for your customers.

Flyers / Posters / Invitations / Mailers

They may be considered ‘old school’ but there is good reason for their popularity. Done correctly they can offer a much better return on investment than even the slickest online campaign. We work with you to develop stunning print concepts which tell your story and boost sales.

Environment Design

From restaurants, retail and office interiors to branded environments, we design exciting physical spaces which immerse your customers in your brand.

Packaging Design

Packaging is your brand’s very best chance to influence a customer to buy your product. In a busy shopping environment you will go head to head with rival brands and have but a few seconds to make a connection. Jargon and ‘scientific’ claims can only get you so far, to win the battle of the brands you need to aim for the customers hearts- not just their heads.

Our team are experts at creating packaging solutions which hit the sweet spot between luxury and affordability. We work with you to tell your brand’s story in a compelling and original way- after all, we don’t want customers to ‘like’ your products, we want them to fall in love.

Don’t See What You Need?

Gorilla is a multi-talented beast, if it’s print based then our expert team will be able to help, simply get in touch.

Fresh Print Projects