Daniel from Realty told Gorilla:

“We provide great apartment block management services but our brand imagery is a bit dull, can you design us something more exciting?”

Challenging the status quo.

The block management marketplace is packed with lookalike companies with drab, text-heavy marketing.

How we broke the rules of the estate agency market.

We saw an opportunity to flip a largely sector on its head by injecting some much-needed excitement into Realty’s identity. Inspired by the 1000’s of apartment blocks in their portfolio we worked with an architect to develop 28 custom building illustrations. We used these to create an eclectic cityscape which acts as a unique brand pattern across the company stationery. The result is a brand identity which hits the sweet spot between playful and professional- and cuts straight through the dull competition.

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Daniel from Realty

“Gorilla’s creative approach has helped us grow in leaps and bounds. We can see a massive difference between ourselves and the competition and so can our customers.”

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