Mansa from Wingz’n’Tingz told Gorilla:

“I travelled the West Indies and discovered some amazing flavours, I want to give UK festival-goers a taste of what they are missing”

Challenging the status quo.

When people think of festival BBQ food, they generally think of mountains of charred red meat. Wingz’N’Tingz are very different, they only use free-range organic chicken and cook up healthier barbequed dishes without compromising on flavour.

How we broke the rules of BBQ.

We championed Wingz’N’Tingz unique organic credentials across a green and 100% recycled packaging system. We created West-Indian folk art inspired cockerels which strut proudly through the brand- a reminder that only free-range chicken goes into each dish. The result is a brand which subverts the stereotype and stands alone as a healthier yet flavour packed BBQ experience.

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The story so far

Wingz and Tingz opened at several major UK festivals, they sold out of food at every event. They are redoubling their stock this festival season to meet the demand”

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