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The ultimate goal for any logo designer is to make sure their clients are satisfied with the results they produce. But there are some things that you as a client can do to ensure you get the best logo design possible. Following on from our designer-client relationship post last year, here are three ways in which you can keep your designer happy during the creative process:

3 ways to keep your designer happy- have faith

First and foremost- Have faith in their design abilities

All designers need direction and feedback but too much direction (like choosing, colours, fonts and layout) is usually counterproductive. Designers have a lot of creative experience, so don’t be afraid to let them take the lead on the logo design process. Remember, you’ve hired a trained professional, so it’s worth keeping an open mind and considering new concepts and suggestions. It might not be what you initially had in mind but it’s important to remember that it’s not about what you ‘like’, it’s about what your business ‘needs’ and a well considered creative approach is undoubtedly beneficial to your business.

3 ways to keep your designer happy- get involved

Be involved in the design process

However it’s also possible to be not involved enough. If your designer asks you what message you’d like to communicate and you reply saying they’re the expert so you’ll rely on them to come up with a creative logo design, they’ll have nothing to work with. By taking the time to think about some useful direction to provide, you’ll increase the chances of your designer interpreting your project how you want them to. If you’re not sure where to start, you could even tell them what you don’t like.

3 ways to keep your designer happy- give good feedback

Give them design feedback they can work with

Vague feedback like“I don’t know why but I just don’t like it” can be extremely difficult for a designer to work with. Whether it’s the colour or typeface used or you don’t feel that the logo design they’ve created is conveying your company’s message accurately, try to be as specific as you can and go into details about what it is you think is wrong with it. You won’t hurt their feelings.

All of these things can help designers to deliver the best product they possibly can to their client and although we understand it’s not always possible to stick to all three religiously, we hope this post has given you more of an understanding of what designers love to see from their clients, as well as an insight into the logo design process itself.

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(Illustration by Matt Varker, Gorilla)