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We all make mistakes. After all, nobody’s perfect. But when it comes to your business, some mistakes could be really detrimental to your branding. To help minimise the risk of ruining your brand, we thought it’d be helpful to outline seven mistakes that business owners sometimes make.

Branding Mistake: Ignoring your values

Thou shalt not ignore one’s values

It can be tempting to look for a shortcut in an attempt to reach a short-term goal. But if you ignore your values to achieve a short-term goal or to overcome a crisis, you could risk crashing your brand. Your company’s values are the glue that holds it together, so the more you know and understand your morals, the better you can protect your brand.

Branding Mistake: Looking for a quick exit

Thou shalt not look for a quick exit

Think about why you’re building your business. Branding focuses on creating a business that can transition through the generations and is all about your customers, whereas building a company with the aim of cashing out is all about you.

Branding Mistake: Sell sell sell

Thou shalt not sell! sell! sell!

No one wants to deal with over-the-top marketing campaigns and pushy sales reps. Successful brands benefit from long-term, loyal customers who know, like and trust them.

Branding Mistake: out of date website

Thou shalt not have a website from 1995

An out of date website is a sign of neglect. Brands that stand the test of time are constantly improving their marketing collateral and you should consider updating your website design every four years.

Branding Mistake: boring people

Thou shalt not be a bore

There may be other companies within your industry that are successful, but copying their branding is unlikely to be the secret to your success. You need to stand out from the competition in order to get ahead.

Branding Mistake: low expectations

Thou shalt not have low expectations

Doing a good job is not good enough. By identifying what it is that makes your company unique or special, you’ll be on your way to being the best in your business and your brand will be hard to beat.

Branding Mistake: Neglecting customers

Neglect one’s customers

Your customers are the only reason your company exists. So take the opportunity to innovate, challenge the status quo and win; but remember to always put your customers first.
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(Illustration by Matt Varker, Gorilla)