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In a previous blog post, we explained that simple logos are better because they’re recognisable, clear, versatile, identifiable and memorable. But, as Apple has demonstrated, if you want your company’s presence in the marketplace to be as strong as possible, simplicity should apply to every aspect of your branding.

With that in mind, here are some guidelines for how to keep things straightforward and not over-complicate your messaging:

branding: take a step back

1. Take a step back from your brand

Because you’re so close to your company, it can be hard to keep things simple because you know all the ins and outs and can get caught up in minute details. But – as difficult as it may sound – you should try to take a step back and detach yourself. Forget everything you know about your business and try to view things from a potential customer’s perspective.

branding: don't be afraid

2. Don’t be afraid

Designers appreciate white space and use it as a tool, so don’t be afraid of it. Apple’s branding, for example, is all about white space. It can be tempting to fill gaps with text, images and other ‘important’ pieces of information, but there’s truth in the saying ‘less is more’. By de-cluttering your messaging and removing all distractions, you’ll be highlighting the single most important thing you want to say, making your brand message much stronger.

branding: less is more

3. If it doesn’t serve a purpose to your brand, get rid of it

If an image or a piece of text relating to your branding isn’t serving a purpose, you need to get rid of it. In most cases, practicality is key and the most important factor is whether a product or service can clearly communicate its use.

branding: focus your branding

4. Focus your branding

The purpose of design is to make products or services appear useful not complicated, but it can be easy to lose sight of your customer’s needs due to current trends, novelty, self-expression or competition. So it’s important to not let these things distract you, because – again, as Apple reminds us – good design means as little design as possible.

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(Illustration by Matt Varker, Gorilla)