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As we’ve said before, your logo design is the centre point on which the whole of your branding hangs. As well as communicating your values and summing up your company, it enables consumers to recognise your products or services from just one glance. So it goes without saying then, that it has to be right. And if you can get it right first time, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour down the line, as there are a number of reasons why re-doing your logo design might not be the best idea for your business:

A new logo design can alienate people

1_Your new logo design might not be liked at first

From Google to Air B&B, it’s easy to dredge up a long list of logo redesigns that have offended, but it’s much more difficult to find one that was immediately embraced. Consciously or not, consumers internalise both brands they admire and want to align themselves with and those that are a part of their daily lives. Generally speaking, the stronger their associations with a brand, the more negatively they’ll react when its logo changes as they expect the underlying brand to change as well – and consumers are typically wary of change. So with every new logo design, a brand risks alienating its core audience.

A new logo design might not be needed

Your reasons aren’t good enough

A logo redesign can be a useful way to signal to the world that things within your company are changing, so sometimes the risk of negative feedback can be worth it. But when a brand revamps its logo design for no apparent reason, people won’t buy into it. It’s highly unlikely you’ll gain anything if you’re rebranding just for the sake of it. If you do, however, feel an update is necessary, inform your customers that change is coming and explain why. After all, they’ve been loyal to you and you owe them an explanation. Doing so may prevent them from feeling betrayed by you.

A new logo design costs time and money

It costs time and money to change your logo

You’ve heard the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” so why waste time and money paying a designer to create a new logo design for you unless it’s absolutely necessary? The only instances in which you should really consider rebranding are if your business has changed so much your products or services are no longer represented by your logo, to disassociate yourself with damaging publicity or if you’ve grown to hate your logo so much you’ve lost faith in your brand.
Your logo design is probably the most essential aspect of your branding and we can help you get it right first time. Get in touch here

(Illustration by Nick Farnworth, Gorilla)