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Your logo design may be an essential part of your branding, but for a strong presence in the marketplace, you should invest at least the same amount of time and effort into areas like your packaging.

Your packaging design is the perfect place to sell your product, differentiate your business, showcase your logo and communicate your brand values; so it should never be overlooked. While it’s true that the primary function of packaging is to protect and display your product, it doesn’t just have to be a means to an end. Just think what the cosmetics industry would be without great packaging- they certainly wouldn’t be able to charge $4200.00 for a bottle of Chanel number 5!

Golden Rules of packaging design

Here are five things to consider when designing your packaging

1_ Your packaging design should make an impression

With every aspect of your branding you should try to create a point of difference, but this is especially true for your packaging as it needs to stand out on a busy supermarket shelf. Unusual images – such as those used by Verdett Beer – are an effective way to draw a shopper’s attention to your brand before anyone else’s, as is innovative design. Apple builds pockets and compartments into boxes to utilise space and keeps colours neutral to let the product do the talking. You should give consumers a reason to choose your brand over someone else’s, but don’t try to be too clever with your design, as it could end up being confusing.

2_ Your packaging design should be functional

It’s no good having beautiful looking packaging if it’s difficult to open, it falls apart before it’s even made it to the shop or a consumer can’t work out what’s inside. So try to make your packaging practical as well as eye catching. The more functional it is, the more appealing it’ll be. When Heinz turned its ketchup bottle upside down, sales soared.

3_ Your packaging design should be clear

When you’re so immersed in the ins and outs of your own branding it can be easy to overlook the things that are the most important to a consumer. But when you’re thinking about your packaging, try to take a step back and think ‘What does my product do?’ and ‘What’s the brand behind it?’. If a consumer is looking at your packaging and can’t answer these questions in under four seconds, it’s likely they’ll move onto something else.

4_ Your packaging design Be consistent

It might be that your products come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but it’s important that the packaging for all of them is consistent. Use the same colours and fonts and make sure your logo is prominent. This will help to create a strong brand identity that consumers will come to recognise and trust.

5_Your packaging design shouldn’t be wasteful

Not only will a cleverly thought out packaging design save you money on materials, it will help the environment too. Consumers generally appreciate brands that are socially responsible, so it’s worth thinking about ethics and how they can be applied to your branding.

Unless you’re an online company or you sell services, the split seconds a consumer spends looking at your packaging could be your first and last chance to persuade them to buy- so follow these simple tips and make them count!

At Gorilla we help companies large and small to design the their perfect packaging. If you would like help or advice with your project then simply get in touch here.