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The most underestimated power that all the great Superheroes process is good branding. Our most loved heroes are often represented by a standalone symbol, a bat perhaps or a spider- this is something usually reserved for the world’s most successful corporations.
What is it about the most iconic superhero logos that make them so special? Below is a list of some of the qualities all the best superhero logos possess. When reading them, you might want to think about how you can apply some of these attributes to your own logo design. After all, who doesn’t want to be a superhero?

Logod Design: Superhero logo design

Superhero logo design rule 1_ Simplicity

The cleaner the logo design and the more concise the message, the better. Superman’s is perhaps the most recognizable superhero logo because of its simple design. But although it’s straightforward, that doesn’t mean it’s lacking when it comes to attention to detail. Its triangular shape is reminiscent of both a diamond, which represents strength, and a strong male torso, while the red and yellow colours are bold and daring. The connotations of shape and colour can play a big part in conveying a message about your brand; so you can avoid having to spell it out in a complex way.

Superhero logo design rule 2_ Recognition

The crime fighting group X-Men can be recognised simply by the letter ‘X’. This is thanks to their clever logo design, which uses a grayscale colour palette and limited imagery to make it more memorable. Once you have an unforgettable logo, you should use it consistently to create familiarity. From his Belt to his car, everything Batman owns displays his logo design.

Superhero logo design rule 3_ Fearlessness

As a superhero, chances are you’re going to have to smack someone in the face at some point. But it is possible to do this without getting arrested for actual bodily harm. Bright primary colours are striking and attention-grabbing – The Incredibles’ logo design is a great example of this.

Superhero logo design rule 4_ Iconography

Spiderman’s logo design is a spider. Batman’s is a bat. These images clearly represent the names of the superheroes and give a strong suggestion as to what their purpose is. The beauty of them is that they eliminate the need for a written word and can therefore transcend language barriers. We are not saying your logo has to be quite so literal but bear in mind that consumers will rarely have the time (or the desire) to stare at your logo for a substantial amount of time- so having an standalone icon to represent you can be a very powerful tool indeed.

Superhero logo design rule 5_Longevity

It’s fine to tweak your logo design slightly to remain current and relevant to the changing nature of your business, but unless you’ve decided that a re-brand is an absolute must, you should strive to never lose your identity as this can undo all your hard work. Throughout their forty-plus years, the Fantastic Four have updated their logo many times, with several different colour palettes but the same core design always remains.

Most companies want their customers to view them as a caring and benevolent superhero that solves problems rather than causing them. So if this is inline with your company values, your logo design needs to be striking and memorable. A good question to ask is ‘is my brand cool enough for a fan to wear on a T-shirt’ if the answer is no, then maybe it’s time to make some bold changes.

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