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Not all logos are created equal, Gorilla Design Manchester shares a few tips on how to achieve the very best logo design.

1- A good logo design should work in one flat colour

Think about it, the best songs don’t need lots of fancy special effects to move you. They sound just as sweet played on an old acoustic guitar. The same principle applies to logo design. If your design relies on drop shadows, gradients and transparency then you probably haven’t found the best solution. (There are rare occasions when a gradient or second colour is needed to give the logo a third dimension- more often than not you should resist the urge to use these visual crutches and your design will benefit.)

2- A good logo design should be versatile

How versatile is your logo? Would it be easy to understand on the side of a building? Probably. Would that same design be easy to understand on the side of a match box? If your logo was printed on the side of a ‘die’ would you be able to read the smallest type? If not then consider eliminating unnecessary detail. Take the time to distill the logo down to it’s simplest form, this is the key to versatility.

3- A good logo design should be timeless

Try not to be ‘in fashion’. Fashions come and go, certain typefaces are flavour of the month, keep a keen eye on these trends then feel free to ignore them. Try to focus on communicating the ‘core idea’ with the fewest components possible, the one thing that never goes out of style is simplicity.

4- A good logo should be simple

“How do you carve an elephant?” “Start with a block of stone, and cut away everything that doesn’t look like an elephant. This time tested mantra encourages you to ask not what you can add but what can you take away.
The metaphorical elephant is the feeling or the idea that your logo needs to communicate, remove everything that isn’t essential to this idea- Your designs will improve dramatically.

5- A good logo should be unique

Simple and unique? How do you hit this sweet spot? The unique element doesn’t have to jump out at you. It’s normally best to go for something subtle. Contrary to popular belief we would argue that the unique aspect of your design can be completely meaningless. Think about the bite out of the Apple logo or the lines scored through the IBM logo. They give those brilliantly simple marks a unique element which is undeniably their own. When they were first presented to the public they held no obvious meaning at all. Vitally though, the customer is able to easily interpret and remember- and over time apply meanings of their own.

Hopefully this quick insight into Gorillas design process has given you some food for thought. Whether you have an existing logo that you are looking to improve on or you are a budding logo designer this checklist will help you get the best possible results.

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