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Gorilla’s top 5 packaging design tips

Your packaging design is usually the first point of contact a potential customer has with your product, so it needs to be right. Whether you are looking to commission some packaging design or you are a budding packaging designer here are Gorilla’s top tips:

1. Ensure that your packaging message is crystal clear

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘less is more’, but it can be easy to get carried away when you’re working creatively. An overload of information not only looks unattractive, but it can be overwhelming and confusing for a consumer, so try to keep things simple. Icons are fast becoming the best form of communicating the main features of your product, but where copy is used, it should be straight to the point. That means no waffle or jargon.

2. Balance your packaging message precisely

No one likes mixed messages. A clear hierarchy of messaging helps the packaging to communicate in stages. By highlighting the features of your product in different ways, you can really make the most of its unique selling points. Remember; it’s unlikely that a consumer is looking at your packaging as closely as you are, so it’s vital that you grab their attention and keep them interested.

3. Choose the right packaging materials

First impressions really do count. Good quality materials indicate a good quality product, but you should also consider the environment when designing your packaging. Many consumers like to feel as though they’re ‘doing their bit’ to save the environment, so by ensuring that your packaging is compact, biodegradable and easily recyclable, you’ll be adding to its appeal. It is possible to have beautiful, innovative packaging that doesn’t cost the earth. We know we’ve said it before, but minimising and simplifying is key.

4. Use outstanding photography or illustration

While you should take care to represent your product as honestly as possible, images can be used to showcase it in the best possible light. A lifestyle image utilising the product will help to communicate its purpose.

5. Your packaging should establish your brand

Loyalty and trust are what all good relationships are based on, and it’s no different for brands and consumers. People are more comfortable when they’re familiar with something, so consistent brand messaging and a graphic style that feels established and professional will give consumers confidence.

There are many things take on board with packaging design, but the above information should provide some guidance on how to make sure you’re representing your product in the best way possible.

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